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This book is dedicated to Geoff Moxham, our much-loved barefoot scientist who was taken from us prematurely in an accident while developing a public domain Biochar system.

Biochar is crushed charcoal made in a pyrolysis system that turns unstable woody carbon into stable carbon that can last thousands of years in the soil. It has the potential to draw excess carbon from the atmosphere and store it in productive farm soils, thereby reversing the Greenhouse effect.

In his foreword to the book, Tim Flannery states that “Biochar may represent the single most important initiative for humanity’s environmental and agricultural future”.

Other noted scientists and commentators, such as James Lovelock, of Gaia fame, and Al Gore share Flannery’s view.

This book is a very worthwhile read for anyone interested in Biochar, its properties and how it can be a major part of the solution for stabilising the global climate.

The book has very good explanations of pyrolysis, which is (currently) the best and most environmentally healthy way of making Biochar, with pictures and simple ideas for making small backyard pyrolysis systems. Various authors contribute to the book and add to its appeal, while the main author, Paul Taylor, puts in simple explanations for the backyard barefoot Biochar enthusiast, but the book will also appeal to those who want to know more about the science behind this emerging technology.

Biochar How-to:
A Biochar hands-on education camp will be held from 9am Saturday, 30th April, to noon on Wednesday, 4th May, at Eagle Farm Eco Park at Tyagarah Airstrip, near Byron Bay. Learn about profitable carbon capture and storage farming while improving farm productivity. The camp will provide experience in making Biochar kilns and gasification stoves for small and medium scale use with presenters, doctors Hugh McLaughlin, Paul Anderson and Paul Taylor.

Cost for the five days is $440, including food, reduced to $349 for early birds (by 17th April). Weekend and single day passes are also available, contact Paul Taylor on (02) 6679- 5279, email potaylor@bigpond.com for bookings.

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